Do French Musicians Really Do This?


Pollyanna is…..wait…..wait for it…..a French-Pop-Folk Duo….Hmmm…..
In all actuality, though, they are quite charming!

I was a bit skeptical at first, until I heard the track ‘Chocolate Jesus’, then I started viewing the album in a completely different light.
There’s nothing too complex or too eccentric about this record, which is titled ‘On Concrete’, but that’s a good thing in this situation.  The record is a mellow, moody, pure folk-pop album.  And I would not be taking the time to write about it if I didn’t feel like you should take the time to listen to it.

This record is not for everyone, but it is something unlike anything else you’ve heard before, in the mildest sense.
I can imagine spending an evening at a martini bar or coffee shop listening to these 2 play live for a couple of hours….  Actually, could we arrange this?

LoveSound Rating – 6/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Chocolate Jesus’

Pollyanna –


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