Folks, This Is Folk

J Augustine Cover

When you listen to the first track, ‘American Mazy’, on Jacob Augustine’s new album ‘Harmonia’ you instantly fall in love.  Then, as you listen to track two, ‘Change’, you want to sit down with him and pick his brain.  Finally, by the time you finish the third song, ‘High Water’, Jacob Augustine becomes an instant celebrity.

Hailing from Portland, Maine, Jacob Augustine and his album ‘Harmonia’ doesn’t necessarily break any ground, set any standards, or even take folk music to a place it’s never been…….but there’s just something about it!  It could very well be his utterly intense vocals, or perhaps his better than great lyrics.

To put it plainly and simply, this record is beautiful, absolutely, undeniably beautiful!  I can’t put a number on the massive amount of records I’ve received in the mail this year, but I can say that this one has got to be tied for first in the ‘amount of play in my iTunes’ category.

As far as I can tell, Jacob is not playing live anywhere outside of Portland, ME in the near future.  But please, if you know what’s good for you, keep checking his myspace page for updated tour dates.  And you’ve gotta get your hands on ‘Harmonia’!


LoveSound Rating – 9/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘American Mazy’, ‘Change’, & ‘High Water’

Jacob Augustine –


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