From Ireland, With (a lotta) Love!


R&S Records out of Belgium is a very interesting, well put-together label.  Years ago they spawned Pinback as well as Aphex Twin, and who could forget Detroit-based Atkins from Model 500 (who is still with the label and going strong, mind you).

Well, more recently the label has started a new branch called Apollo Records (more indie than electronic).  If I were you, I’d be DYING to see what came out of this one!
If you are like me, you need not wait any longer….

I’m honored to introduce you to the Ireland-based rock band The Plea!!!

I know it’s only August, and there are a lot of releases left to come in 2009, but, thus far, The Plea’s brand new record ‘Modern Chaos’ wins the ‘Straight Up Rock ‘N Roll’ Album Of The Year here at LoveSound!!!

The songs are passionate and powerful…  They are what you would expect from an Irish rock band, only better, especially after you spin the record 2 or 3 times.  With their songs like ‘Hello’ & ‘Windchime’ you can certainly expect The Plea to become a household name in the US and around the world by the time their next album comes to pass!

LoveSound Rating – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Windchime’, ‘Hello’, & ‘Burn It Brightly’

R&S Records –

The Plea –


One Response to “From Ireland, With (a lotta) Love!”

  1. renaat vandepapeliere Says:

    dear just to correct something !
    Apollo is a sublabel of R&S, but it does exist a long time !
    releases from Aphex Twin, Biosphere, Locust, Sun Electric, Manna ( who are now recording there new album ) !

    the Plea will be indeed our first indie rock escape and expierence for R&S, but i will come on a new label name wich we haven’t decided yet !
    We are thinking of ‘ U ROCK ‘ RECORDS ! Hope you like it out there

    And we all sure The Plea will rock the world all over

    many thx ! Renaat Vandepapeliere President and founder of R&S Records / Head of A&R

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