Song ‘O The Month!

Fortune LoveSound

This month’s Song Of The Month goes to an electronica group out of France called Fortune!  The song I’m speaking of is their new single ‘Bully’ which was released this past month on US college radio.

I first heard this song on KALX in Berkeley, I believe it was.  Though, I was driving in my car and when the song was over, I had lost signal, so I never caught the name!  FORTUNE-ately, (yes, pun intended) about a week later I got a package in the mail from a PR company with a very persuasive letter inside and a promo cd with 2 tracks on it.  Though, I very rarely even take the time to listen to ‘singles’, this time I thought, ‘what the hell’!

Good thing I did…
I’m now the biggest Fortune fan west of the Mississippi River!

There are so many electronic-pop bands in the world right now, I could just scream.  But, Fortune has a quality, that I can’t quite seem to pinpoint, that makes them not only bearable, but enjoyable.

You can listen to their single ‘Bully’ from their myspace page (listed below) but also be sure to check out their new remix they did for the Phoenix song ‘1901’!!
To my knowledge, Fortune has yet to release a full length, but they now have 3 eps with remixes available.. and from my research over the past week or so, each one is well worth the investment!

Cheers to Fortune for creating ‘Bully’, LoveSound’s Song Of The Month!

Fortune –


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