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Now, Who Is This?

September 15, 2009

Stephaniesid LoveSound

Stephaniesĭd is a band from Asheville, NC…

OH MY GOD!  Their new record ‘Warm People’ is simply and completely amazing!  And Stephanie Morgan is one of my new favorite people!

Track 1 is called ‘Fore!’, and from it’s chilling intro you almost get the inkling that you’re about to listen to one of those beautiful Icelandic or Danish bands, but it quickly turns a corner and takes you elsewhere (while, all along, the beauty is still there).  ‘Mission From God’ – A HIT!  ‘Bullet Train – A HIT!  ‘Drinking At A Party’ – A HIT!  ‘The Weakling’ – A HIT!  ‘Warm People’ has way too much depth to be one album….  We’re talkin’ near-radiohead-ish depth (have I gone too far?).

Fortunately, Stephaniesĭd is a tour-heavy band, so I suggest taking a look at their myspace page and finding out where the road is taking them.  I’ve not had the honor to see them perform live, but rumor has it, you don’t want to miss the show if you can help it…


LoveSound Rating – 9/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Fore!’ & ‘Bullet Train’

Stephaniesĭd –


Not Quite Silent…

September 14, 2009

Silent Agency Lovesound

This week, my ears have a shiny, brand new toy!  The name – Silent Agency – and they hail from Minneapolis, MN.  Their new ep entitled ‘Let’s Build A Summer’ is an instant rush, or, an instant mellow-rush.  From the time the half-minute intro kicks in, you kind of get that ”feeling”….this is going to be good….

Track 2 is called ‘Burn Out’, and yes, for about 20 seconds you feel like you’re about to listen to a new, pretty U2 song, but as soon as lead singer Evan Bakker steps in, it creates a completely different feeling.

Somehow, this band from Minnesota puts euro rock, jam band, classic rock, and emo into a bowl and mixes it up quite well.  The very young band is well on its way to becoming the realest deal.  My forecast:  If they continue making music for the next 2-4 years, you’ll see them in the ranks of such bands as today’s Animal Collective, Portugal. the Man, and Arctic Monkeys.
You must listen for yourself…  If nothing else, they’re a great conversation piece!

Silent Agency ‘Let’s Build A Summer’ is now available on iTunes

LoveSound Rating – 6/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Burn Out’ & ‘Call It Sexy’

Silent Agency –

Top 20 Charts – 9/4/09

September 4, 2009

1 – YACHT        See Mystery Lights     DFA

2 – PORTUGAL. THE MAN    The Satanic Satanists    Approaching AIRBaloons/Equal Vision

3 – CYMBALS EAT GUITARS    Why There Are Mountains    Self-Released / Sister’s Den

4 – YPPAH     They Know What Ghost Know        Ninja Tune

5 – REGINA SPEKTOR    Far    Sire

6 – CHOIR OF YOUNG BELIEVERS        This is for the White in Your Eyes    Ghostly International

7 – DATAROCK    Red    Nettwerk

8 – THE ELDERBERRIES     Ignorance & Bliss      Discograph

9 – MARK GEARY    Opium     Independent Records/Sonablast

10 -DODOS    Time To Die      Frenchkiss

11 -FRUIT BATS     The Ruminant Band         Sub Pop

12 – SINKANE    Sinkane        Emergency Umbrella

13 – SONDRE LERCHE    Heartbeat Radio        Rounder

14 – SONIC YOUTH         The Eternal    Matador

15 – FELIX DA HOUSECAT     He Was King     Nettwerk

16 – JAPANDROIDS   ‘Post Nothing’   Polyvinyl

17 – THE GROWNUP NOISE    The Grownup Noise    Self-Released

18 – DINOSAUR JR.        Farm    Jagjaguwar

19 – THESE UNITED STATES      Everything Touches Everything     United Interests

20 – CALE PARKS    To Swift Mars     Polyvinyl

*The LoveSound Magazine Top 20 Charts come from a collection of reports from a group of wonderful college radio, public radio, and internet radio stations!

Eurock ‘n Roll!!!

September 1, 2009

Elderberries LoveSound

We start September with a bang!!

There isn’t much to say about The Elderberries new album ‘Ignorance & Bliss’…  Simply put, it is an indie rock/party rock album with a quality that easily surpasses 95% of the rest of its market.
The problem with this type of music (which, in all honesty, I usually just don’t go for) is that, generally, instead of ‘the-more-you-listen-the-more-you-like-it’, it’s ‘by-the-fourth-listen-it’s-worn-itself-out’.  Not at all the case with ‘Ignorance & Bliss’!!

The Elderberries sophomore album is solid in every sense of the word – Vocally, Instrumentally, Melodically, etc.  The second track on the record ‘Lost My Way’ best represents the album and could easily become #1 on every Clear Channel radio station around the country, should they be picked up by Sony or Universal (but I hope to God that doesn’t happen).

Look for ‘Ignorance & Bliss’ on iTunes!  You won’t be disappointed, and better yet, you’ll dance!

Just Look For This Album Cover

Elderberries Cover LoveSound

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Lost My Way’ & ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’

The Elderberries –