Eurock ‘n Roll!!!

Elderberries LoveSound

We start September with a bang!!

There isn’t much to say about The Elderberries new album ‘Ignorance & Bliss’…  Simply put, it is an indie rock/party rock album with a quality that easily surpasses 95% of the rest of its market.
The problem with this type of music (which, in all honesty, I usually just don’t go for) is that, generally, instead of ‘the-more-you-listen-the-more-you-like-it’, it’s ‘by-the-fourth-listen-it’s-worn-itself-out’.  Not at all the case with ‘Ignorance & Bliss’!!

The Elderberries sophomore album is solid in every sense of the word – Vocally, Instrumentally, Melodically, etc.  The second track on the record ‘Lost My Way’ best represents the album and could easily become #1 on every Clear Channel radio station around the country, should they be picked up by Sony or Universal (but I hope to God that doesn’t happen).

Look for ‘Ignorance & Bliss’ on iTunes!  You won’t be disappointed, and better yet, you’ll dance!

Just Look For This Album Cover

Elderberries Cover LoveSound

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Lost My Way’ & ‘It Doesn’t Really Matter’

The Elderberries –


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