Now, Who Is This?

Stephaniesid LoveSound

Stephaniesĭd is a band from Asheville, NC…

OH MY GOD!  Their new record ‘Warm People’ is simply and completely amazing!  And Stephanie Morgan is one of my new favorite people!

Track 1 is called ‘Fore!’, and from it’s chilling intro you almost get the inkling that you’re about to listen to one of those beautiful Icelandic or Danish bands, but it quickly turns a corner and takes you elsewhere (while, all along, the beauty is still there).  ‘Mission From God’ – A HIT!  ‘Bullet Train – A HIT!  ‘Drinking At A Party’ – A HIT!  ‘The Weakling’ – A HIT!  ‘Warm People’ has way too much depth to be one album….  We’re talkin’ near-radiohead-ish depth (have I gone too far?).

Fortunately, Stephaniesĭd is a tour-heavy band, so I suggest taking a look at their myspace page and finding out where the road is taking them.  I’ve not had the honor to see them perform live, but rumor has it, you don’t want to miss the show if you can help it…


LoveSound Rating – 9/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Fore!’ & ‘Bullet Train’

Stephaniesĭd –


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