Here Come The Birds, seriously!

Wow, Australia’s independent music scene has been keeping us satisfied for nearly a year now…  What has changed?  I actually don’t even want to try analyzing Australia’s youth and the movements that may or may not be taking place.  Personally, right now, I’m just interested in telling everyone about our newest love, Here Come The Birds.

This Newcastle 5-piece is dangerous!  Of course, I mean that in the best of ways….  Take for example their new single ‘Cigarettes’, which is getting airplay all over the US of A.  Catchy-as-anything pop riffs with all the “whoa’s and oh’s” in all the right places.  It tempts the musical palate with 80’s pop (like Depeche Mode) and leaves you with an aftertaste of early 90’s radio-friendly rock (like the Offspring).

The single, as well as their self-titled ep are both available on iTunes, so go get it –

Congratulations to Here Come The Birds, for making music that shouldn’t be this good, but is!!!

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Track – ‘Cigarettes’ & ‘Sharp White Teeth’

Here Come The Birds –


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