And now for some competition, Mr. Chesney.

Life is sure to be very good very soon for Mark Adam Miller. Why he isn’t being played right now on the same airwaves as your Kennys and Brads is beyond me.

‘Ain’t Life Good’ is an album that everyone can relate to in some way, not only lyrically, but if you can’t appreciate the music, then you have never kicked your feet up and drank a cold beer. ‘I Like What You Do’ is part country, part alt rock, he sometimes  sounds as if he were a veteran of the Seattle grunge scene transplanted into the heart of country music. His voice might take you off-guard at first, but I found after a few times through the track list it was very refreshing to hear someone doing something differently than it has been done before. ‘You Don’t Know Jack’ will have the cowgirls out on the dance floor doing those things that we love so much. ‘Calling All Memories’  says it all in the title, you just need your own bottle and a glass and preferably a creek bank to lay back on. The title track from the album is more appealing than anything I have seen or heard from mainstream country in some time.

Every track brings something new, so for all you country fans and all of you rockers secretly watching CMT when noone is around, this is the album for you.

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘I Like What You Do’ & ‘Calling All Memories’

Mark Adam Miller –


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