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There have been A LOT of bands who have tried to breathe life into the sounds of previous generations as of late, but none of them have done it quite as well (in my opinion) as Leisure Colony.  On their debut EP ‘Protectorate’ they successfully merge the present with the past into a sound that will have both you and your parents enjoying your warm summer nights accompanied by a soundtrack compliments of Leisure Colony.

When I first heard ‘Golden Ring’, I thought someone had gotten into my record collection and was playing some rarity from the Beatles or some other 60’s pop band. I may even hear a hint of  ‘Pet Sounds’ on occasion. The sound Leisure Colony has achieved is something so many others before them have attempted to do, but somehow weren’t quite as devoted to the end product.  I can imagine being in the studio with the producer when he says ‘ok, I like what you are doing, now lets get a little more radio friendly.’  (At this point the band members put down their instruments and collectively hold up their single finger responses to his lack of understanding their devotion to quality music.)  They took me by suprise with the heavily synthesized intro to ‘In My Yard’, but turned it into another easy on the ears ode to their pop-predecessors, and possibly created my favorite track.

I would definitely recommend them to fans of My Morning Jacket, but if your attention span is as short as mine, ‘Protectorate’ will be much more appealing to you.  I have no doubt that we will be seeing them soon on college radio charts across the country, and if you enjoy them as much as I have,  you can pick up their music @

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘In My Yard’ & ‘Golden Ring’

Leisure Colony –


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