Marking Their Territory

I must be honest!  The first time I spun Louisiana Territory’s record ‘Traces Of Gold’…  I wasn’t TOO impressed.  I listened a second time….better!  A third….THAT’S IT!  There’s just something that decides to click with your head, foot, heart, etc. whenever it’s ready.

The vocals of Mark Brown make me think that he was born to be a member of a late-90’s pop-rock band….when pop-rock bands started turning into emo bands… you know what I’m saying?  And for some reason I couldn’t get the name Alan Parsons Project out of my head either.

So far, this article probably hasn’t sent you floating to your local independent record store to buy this cd (you couldn’t find it there anyways, but it IS on iTunes!!), but I must say that this disc has gone from a pile of submissions laying in a box on my floor, to being on constant rotation in my disc changer, and put in to my personal iPod (which, believe it or not, rarely happens).

‘Traces Of Gold’ is JUST short of being too poppy/peppy/heard-it-all-before-in-great-pop-songs-of-the-past.  But what makes this record a must-have record is the fact that the songwriting takes turns that you would never find in those basic pop songs you heard earlier in the 2000’s, plus the fact that the vocals are stellar (even beautiful at best) and the guitar work is terrific and mysteriously tasteful.

I hope that these fellas never end up on Clear Channel radio stations, but they could if the opportunity presents itself…  Check out Louisiana Territory!

LoveSound Rating – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Traces Of Gold’ & ‘Orion’s Belt’

Louisiana Territory –


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