Their (chances of making it are very good..)

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun — you’re thinking, “with a name like that, they must be emo…………… well then they have to be screamo…..”
This is the part of the article that I do my best to sum up the sound of TPWBOTS, and fall excruciatingly short…….

They claim to be from Jersey City, New Jersey…  But my theory is that they derive from a secret island about 550 miles east of there, an island that was inhabited by brilliant pop artists from England, Ireland, and Scotland nearly 100 years ago, and a group of American women stumbled upon the island……and they all started making babies….

THIS, dear readers, tells you absolutely nothing!  The fact of the matter is that Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun is beyond impressive on their debut album ‘White Dancer’!  After listening to the first 5 tracks I expected to check out their myspace page and see that it had 800,000+ profile views and 150,000 friends.  Not the case with these guys, but something’s bound to happen soon.

With an upbeat, yet mildly dry rock sound reminiscent of Doves or Starsailor, they are certainly apt to meet the needs of road trips, parties, and soundtracks!  Dare I say ‘White Dancer’ is incredible…?  Buy it at cdbaby, on iTunes, or Insound.  And wouldn’t you know it, our very first nominee for LoveSound’s ‘Album Of The Year’ so far in 2010!


LoveSound Rating – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Boardwalk Splinters’ & ‘White Dancer’

Their Planes Will Block Out The Sun –


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