Dark, then hopeful. Dark, then charming.

Scan Hopper, from Austin, Texas, has just released one of the strangest solid, well-made records I’ve ever heard.  Their self-titled album makes me think that it was written as a score for a Dracula movie I’ve never seen, but, like, a really good Dracula movie!

Sure, the music is dark, then hopeful, then dark, then charming, but that’s not what you’re focusing on whilst listening…  More so, you’re trying to wrap your head around what’s going on, and why!  This is an album that could have gone horribly wrong, but Scott Hopkins and his crew made some crazy calls during the writing process which turned this baby in to one of the most interesting underground records out there right now.

I won’t and can’t compare this project to Radiohead, but they do force you in to a kindred thought ——-> ‘Now how did they come up with that?’
See what you think….  I bet you’ll have an opinion either way….

LoveSound Rating – 6/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘The Bureaucrat’ & ‘Swimming With Seafood, Differently’

Scan Hopper – http://www.ScanHopper.com


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