Well…. Here’s the new standard….

There won’t be any analyzing, no picking apart of anything, no judgments passed about this record.  As boldly as I can possibly say it; holy crap, what an amazing record!

The Brothers Movement from Dublin, Ireland have sent me through the roof today.  Their debut, self-titled album is full of future-classic tunes from track one to track eleven.  It gives you that great-to-be-alive feeling, that drive-faster feeling…  They hit those tones that force a man walk with a bit of a swagger!

If someone told me that this was all a joke, that these guys were actually born in 1950, and then in ’75 they recorded a rock album and decided to trash it, not because it lacked that 70’s classic rock realness, but because the audience wouldn’t be quite ready for it….I would believe them.  Yes, members of The Brothers Movement could very well be in their 60’s by now…

Those of you who frequent LoveSound Magazine… first of all, thank you… but right now, most importantly, if you’ve ever listened to us concerning a band, a film, whatever… just listen harder now.  Go find them, buy their music, and play it loud!


LoveSound Rating – 9/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Blind’ & ‘Sister’

The Brothers Movement – http://www.myspace.com/thebrothersmovement


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