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5 Albums You Need To Be Listening To, But May Not Be!

April 7, 2010

Today, instead of focusing on one or two indie bands that deserve a good amount of attention, I’m just going to throw out a whole slew of them in hopes that your Wednesday will be a slow and rainy one..  That way all there really is to do is listen to music anyways, right??

1          THE PAPER TONGUES  ‘Self-Titled’

The strongest and most inspiring hip-hop/rock that I’ve heard in a long, long time!  The intensity of this entire record will leave you NEEDING more.  Lead by Aswan North with a crew out of Charlotte, NC, Paper Tongues are well on their way to being made known worldwide.  These fellas won’t be underground for long, considering their album is already on the shelves in Wal-Mart and seeing as how every track on this record is a radio single, in the most solid way possible.


2          THE BESNARD LAKES  ‘The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night’

Perhaps you have already heard this record….  If not, it’s a….what’s the cliché here…’must-hear’??
Basically, the only way to sum up this record is that it’s ‘Soooooooo Coooooool’!!!!  And you can’t help but to think and hope that the guys making the music are that cool, too!  Sure, this indie rock is not ground-breaking by any stretch, but the way these guys sculpt these tracks is unbelievable.  Just listen…  You’ll know why I can’t really elaborate in an intelligent manner.


3          THE CHAMPIONSHIP  ‘Moving At The Speed Of Darkness’  EP

Finally, The National and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club had a baby!  Don’t think about that too hard, I only sort of mean that like it sounds…
Though this ep may be a bit more mellow than it’s pretend parents, it certainly doesn’t lack the depth and intrigue.  I’m certain by the time the next full album from The Championship comes along, they’ll be included in that new generation of what’s considered hip!

4          Have Gun, Will Travel  ‘Postcards From The Friendly City’

You could find these Floridians playing at a bar, venue, festival, coffee shop, or campfire near you!  Have Gun, Will Travel will just flat out make you happy..
You should get a general idea about the atmosphere of the songs when I tell you that they don’t have a violinist, they have a fiddle player!  Play this cd in your car stereo and take slow drive through the back country…  I bet it’ll feel like a movie!

5          Farm World  ‘The Mud Story’

Have you ever heard any ‘future folk’?  Well, now you can.  Michael Armstrong has created this sort of odd yet soothing, experimental yet solid record called ‘The Mud Story’.  It almost sounds like a home recording, but I can’t say for sure.  But, don’t let that be a turn off, this is another LoveSound Album Of The Year nominee, and we don’t nominate sub-par albums!  This album is not yet on iTunes, but you can preview and buy the album at
Please enjoy the music!