Spacey Space….

When I first starting playing the new Alphanaut record in my car a few weeks ago, I immediately thought to myself, “Well, this certainly isn’t for me…”.  After the first song or two I began rethinking my quick decision and merely thought “Well, it’s definitely not a listen-often type of record…”.  By the time track 4 (‘More Than I Do’) was finished, I was nicely surprised, and from there it just got better.

Alphanaut’s ‘Out Of Orbit’ is one of those records that bloggers, like myself, continue to ‘re-label’ again and again as they listen.  I thought for sure that “Spacey Space Rock” would sum up the album in it’s entirety.   And I could continue with references about the record’s kinship with several 80’s bands.  And then all of the sudden ‘Don’t Hide Away From The Sun’ makes me fairly certain that I’m listening to a very modern band who is heavily influenced by TV On The Radio.

One thing that certainly stands out about this record is the voice of Mark Alan.  Though he never does anything overwhelmingly incredible with his vocals on this record, I do find that he creates a new way to fit into every angle that this record goes….  Like his voice alone has multiple personalities….  And he nails each track!

I don’t believe that this record will be completely accepted by the masses, but I think it’s mainly due to the fact that, well, too many people are anxious and impatient.  But, if you do give this record a chance, you’ll be glad you did, I’m 85% sure of it…

LoveSound Rating – 6/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘More Than I Do’ & ‘Don’t Hide Away From The Sun’

Alphanaut –


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