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Oh, Sweet!

August 30, 2010

I don’t often post videos here…. but today….that’s all I’m doing.  Because I’ve found another gem!  If you don’t love this, then there’s a problem….

‘Turning Heads’


Hey, Check It Out Y’aaall!

August 30, 2010

This is a new video by a band I had never heard of until last week.  Turns out, they rule!  And so does the song….. And so does the video…..


LoveSound Presents: Rocket Girl Records

August 26, 2010

While deciding which album submission to review next, I had finally narrowed it down to three.  It didn’t hit me until today that these three submissions are all current releases from the UK-based indie record label Rocket Girl!  So, I thought, why not brag on the label a bit, and hit up three reviews at the same time….

While these three releases may not all have the same type of appeal as Rocket Girl’s two previous releases (The Brothers Movement ‘Self-Titled’ and Television Personalities ‘A Memory Is Better Than Nothing’), they all still deserve your undivided attention, at least through one full spin, for one reason or another.  So, here they are, in no particular order:

PETER DALTREY ‘Heroine/Tattoo’
These are two reissued solo albums, now on a double-disc set, from the former lead singer of the 60s cult band Kaleidoscope.  Dark, somber, mellow, and perfect for….certain times!
LoveSound Rating – 6/10

Their debut album…obviously, their still in their mid-teens.  But with one or two listens, you can certainly sense that you’ll be hearing more of these two girls in the future.  Be sure to pay special attention to their first single ‘Cocopah’, a song that will undoubtedly make you smile!
LoveSound Rating – 6/10

If I’m going to be honest, which is what blogging is all about, I’d have to say that this is my personal favorite of these three releases.  Though, it is yet another laid-back record, it’s perfectly sculpted in every way.  Might I add that this may be one of my favorite records I’ve heard this year!  Another interesting tidbit is that Pieter Nooten was part of 4AD’s Sleep With The Fishes, a collaboration with Michael Brooks!
LoveSound Rating 8/10

And to wrap up this little article…  I highly recommend keeping up with this UK-based label, Rocket Girl.  Seems as though every record they have been putting out leads them closer and closer to becoming a household name (or at least an indie household name!).  Cheers…

Hubba Hubba!

August 25, 2010

Why ‘Hubba Hubba’….?   Because RM Hubbert’s new album ‘First & Last’ is very romantic, to say the least!  Though, part of the album’s inspiration comes from the hardest parts of his life, there is certainly a beautiful glimmer of hope and love in every track.
But how many times can you listen to a record full of just a lonely acoustic guitar….?  Well, I’ve listened about 9 times so far!

I’ve heard similar guitar styles and progressions, but ‘First & Last’ is capable of enveloping you in some sort of lovely escape.  Imagine Kaki King falling in love, then getting drunk.  Does that work?
All in all, a very tasteful, pure, and one-0f-a-kind album….

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Hey There Mr. Bone’ & ‘For Maria’

RM Hubbert –

Bringing Back Country

August 25, 2010

You will find that I rarely write about a country album.  Actually, I think I’ve reviewed three or four in my lifetime, so I’m no pro, but I would assume that I share the opinions of millions of ‘sorta country fans’!  Second time ’round is Jason Paulson from the smalltown of Waconia, Minnesota, with a population of 10,000 and about a half hour west of the Twin Cities.  Hopefully everyone in that town knows that there’s a bit of a gem hiding out there.

I know most of you will agree that commercial country music, as well as commercial anything-music, has taken a steep dive into the dirt.  Though, the country side of things seems more disappointing somehow.  Old country greats like Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, and Merle Haggard had something magical about them… Why has there been such a drastic, negative change to follow?  I won’t mention all of the obvious and sad reasons.

Well, if you’re looking for a record to take you back a bit, in the right direction, I would highly suggest ‘American Dream’ by Jason Paulson & Friends.  Exceptional and talented, yet simple and no where near over-produced, you’ll fall in love by the time ‘Southbound Train’ gets started.  Unfortunately, my lack of country/southern rock knowledge disallows me from further trying to sell this record to you… Though, the fact that I actually took the time to review it should speak louder than words!

LoveSound Rating – 6/10

Favorite Tracks  – ‘Southbound Train’ & ‘Lonesome Song’

Jason Paulson –