Just a blurb…!

Just a quick note here…
Quite frankly, Bill Price’s new album, ‘With The Eye Of A Skeptic & A Few Other Likely Stories’ is not really my style, at all.  So, the fact that I’m taking a moment to write a quick blurb about it is just as much a mystery to me.
I had heard Bill many months ago on some sort of industry/promo compilation and for some reason his name stuck with me, so it was odd to receive this album in the mail a few weeks ago.  I honestly put off listening to it for a while (not on purpose), but when I finally did, I was glad I had chosen to listen.
I can’t say that this is a record that will be widely accepted, but the album is quite an adventure!  If nothing else, go purchase the album’s opening track, ‘Hear Me Out’ on iTunes.



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