Martin Rivas – The Convalescence EP

For some reason I think that the late Mark Linkous would like this EP…  I think only a true Sparklehorse fan would find that underlying layer of musicianship here…

Mr. Rivas has already been at it for years, playing show after show after show in his hometown of New York City, among many other places.  Not to mention this is his fifth release since 2000.  But ‘The Convalescence EP’ takes on special meaning.  Not only did he write the record while stuck in bed recovering from a surgery that almost cost him his life….twice….but he also created what is potentially his best work yet.

This album (EP) follows Rivas’ 2009 release ‘Sea Of Clouds’ which was excellent as well.  This one just appeals to me more…  If nothing else, the opening track ‘Behind Their Thumb’ as well as ‘This Winter Isn’t Ending’ are two of the better songs I’ve heard this year.

Go browse through the entire library, study up a little on Martin Rivas..  I believe you’ll find a lot that will please you..

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Behind Their Thumb’ & ‘This Winter Isn’t Ending’

Martin Rivas –


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