Freak… Exactly!

Okay, so, I was having issues with my computer’s cd player.. it kept spitting out Freak Owls debut album ‘Taxidermy’.   So, I went to the Freak Owls’ myspace page.. and wouldn’t you know it, the myspace player was having issues as well.  Then, I make a premature judgment about the band because the profile had only been viewed about 3500 times.  So, I was literally about to give up and move on..  Then it happened, track 1, entitled ‘Little Things’ started up, and I was frozen, not for a moment, not for a song, but I think I was well in to track 3 before I blinked or breathed again.

The man behind the music is Josh Ricchio and apparently he’s basically a veteran of the indie rock music scene.  I haven’t heard any of his prior projects, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that they don’t compare to this.. because if they did, I’m certain I WOULD have heard of his prior projects.

‘Taxidermy’ is basically a pop album.. but it’s not just a pop album.  Allow me to make an analogy..  We’ve all heard a million pop songs and a hundred-thousand pop bands, but every great once in a while you run in to those magical ones, the ones that you can’t let go of.. when you’re out and about, you absolutely can’t wait to get back to it, like a new toy sitting at home waiting for you.. I believe the likes of Grandaddy, Postal Service, and Death Cab For Cutie are in this boat, for many!

This album will not be filed away with the hundreds upon hundreds of submissions that I have stored up over the years.  No no.. this is my new toy..  Freak Owls ‘Taxidermy’..  Amazing..

LoveSound Rating – 9/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Little Things’ & ‘Seasquid’

Freak Owls –


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