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Jason Masi – ‘Balance & Pull’

October 12, 2010

There’s a lot to be said, and little to be said about Jason Masi’s new album ‘Balance & Pull’.  It will certainly appeal to the crowd that it can (and a bit more than that as well)…

Jason Masi is someone you want to get to know, become familiar with his sounds, his lyrics, and then go find him at as many outdoor music festivals as possible!  His show would be one of those great late-night ‘let’s mellow out and enjoy’ moments in life, one of those that you can sing along to!

Straightforward, mildly produced (but well-produced) acoustic-driven pop.  In the realm of Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson…. you just won’t have the urge to dance so much as merely bob your head!

LoveSound Rating – 6/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Dust & Bone’ & ‘Balance & Pull’

Jason Masi –



On Tour We Go!

October 5, 2010

Alright Austinians, Houstonians, and……Dallasians?  Here comes something worth seeing, so find a date, find some friends, or go be a wallflower when Eric Brendo passes through your town.

I always LOVE getting vinyl from pr companies, but they’re often times disappointing.  Not so much the case this time around.  Eric Brendo’s 4-song 7″ Over The Dunes And Into The Cave is fascinating.  Dark and eerie, but in the most radio-friendly sort of way!  Does that make sense???  No, not really….

Here’s the full schedule:

10/6 – The Ghost Room – Austin, TX (10pm)
10/7 – Basil Whippet’s – College Station, TX
10/8 – Opening Bell – Dallas, TX (9 pm)
10/9 – Bill’s Records – Dallas, TX (free show at 3:15 pm)
10/12 – The Naked Bean – Shreveport, LA (9 pm)
10/13 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL (11 pm)
10/14 – Brother’s Bar – Jacksonville, AL
10/15 – The Celtic – Pascagoula, MS
10/16 – Fall Artwalk – Hattiesburg, MS (4 pm)
10/16 – Brownstone’s – Hattiesburg, MS (10 pm)
10/21 – Checkpoint Charlie’s – New Orleans, LA (11 pm)
10/23 – Dean’s Credit Clothing – Houston, TX (9 pm)