On Tour We Go!

Alright Austinians, Houstonians, and……Dallasians?  Here comes something worth seeing, so find a date, find some friends, or go be a wallflower when Eric Brendo passes through your town.

I always LOVE getting vinyl from pr companies, but they’re often times disappointing.  Not so much the case this time around.  Eric Brendo’s 4-song 7″ Over The Dunes And Into The Cave is fascinating.  Dark and eerie, but in the most radio-friendly sort of way!  Does that make sense???  No, not really….

Here’s the full schedule:

10/6 – The Ghost Room – Austin, TX (10pm)
10/7 – Basil Whippet’s – College Station, TX
10/8 – Opening Bell – Dallas, TX (9 pm)
10/9 – Bill’s Records – Dallas, TX (free show at 3:15 pm)
10/12 – The Naked Bean – Shreveport, LA (9 pm)
10/13 – The Nick – Birmingham, AL (11 pm)
10/14 – Brother’s Bar – Jacksonville, AL
10/15 – The Celtic – Pascagoula, MS
10/16 – Fall Artwalk – Hattiesburg, MS (4 pm)
10/16 – Brownstone’s – Hattiesburg, MS (10 pm)
10/21 – Checkpoint Charlie’s – New Orleans, LA (11 pm)
10/23 – Dean’s Credit Clothing – Houston, TX (9 pm)



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