Realistic Idealists!

Well howdy folks…

Ya know, I couldn’t have really picked a better time to, well one, finish school and two, dive back in to the ridiculous and evil and sometimes wonderful indie music industry.

May I present to you Operation ID!!  If you don’t live in or around the Seattle area, then I realize you haven’t heard of them and so far you’re not excited…  But, let me just say that I won’t wait to tell you that it’s a nominee for LoveSound’s ‘Album Of The Year’ for 2011.

Operation ID’s debut album ‘Legs’ is best categorized as avant-garde dance rock….  NOW YOU’RE EXCITED!!!  Brass, voices, drums, guitars, and basses all blend together to, sorry to say it, give you something new.  No, you’ve never heard this band in another band before.

From the beginning notes of ‘Here I Am’ (track 1) to the repetitive riff that finalizes ‘Frightened Explorer’ (track 9) my interest was held, I wanted more, and I couldn’t figure out what was happening!  My common Radiohead question comes to mind…. ‘how on earth did they manage to come up with that???’

What’s even more enticing about this release is that it also marks the official release of a new indie label called Table And Chairs (  Even the inner workings of the new Seattle-based label are inspiring… ‘It’s run as a collective, where ownership is determined by the amount of time donated to the label’ says Operation ID’s David Balatero (as well as Table And Chairs secretary).  There are 14 folks involved in the ownership of the label and each one of them brings a special skill necessary for the development of a successful record label.

Idealism is loud in the case of these guys.. Starting an indie label?  Maybe back in the 90’s it would have been a legit idea..but not now.
Though, the realism is even louder.. I see bands break up, record shops close, and labels go out of business every day.. But with the approach that Balatero and 13 other hard-working, devoted people are taking, I’m willing to bet, and even hope, for an ultimately successful launch and longevity.  Well done folks….well done!!!


LoveSound Rating – 9/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Here I Am’ & ‘Think Accessories’

Operation ID –     OR


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