There are some albums that come along and I think to myself, “I’d really like to post about this album, but whatever I say certainly won’t do it justice”, so I pass it up, or try to hard to nail down my feelings about it, and end up scrapping it.

I can’t let that happen in this instance… The Seldon Plan’s new album ‘Coalizione del Volere’ is too good to pass up.

It’s no surprise that the Baltimore-based group has shared the stage with the likes of Explosions In The Sky, The Stills, Now It’s Overhead, The Octopus Project, Matt Pond PA, and Hammer No More The Fingers.

Through one solid listen, there are a lot of elements that remind me of the Cali-based art-rock band Dredg.  The beautiful vocals, the ‘off-the-beaten-path’ song outlines, a lot of spontaneity, great production without being over-produced… the list goes on.

Though, the more I listened, the more it turned in to an individual work of art, all on its own.  And yes, it IS one of those albums that you can thoroughly enjoy the first time through, but it will only continue to grow on you.

The album name translates as ‘Coalition of the Willing’ as lead singer Michael Nestor describes, “it represents the interconnectedness we all have electronically now, and what doing things in this world (including the band itself) comes down to”.  I also asked Mr. Nestor what he thought of today’s music industry and how he would summarize it.. I was very intrigued by his answer, and couldn’t agree more (I just wouldn’t have been able to put it into such fine words).  Here’s what he had to say:

“I am excited/and disappointed. It is really hard to put into words. The democratization of music means that there are millions more boats on an already crowded sea. It also gives more power to those who have the biggest boats and the loudest megaphones. So I think that it opens up all possibilities which excites me, but it has allowed a backdoor for the old payola system to come into its own. A band like mine is kind of lost in the middle. Not enough to get supported by bigger labels, but too professional for self-release…I feel for the millions like me that are out there and wish I had the answer. I just don’t. Time will tell.”

Just as I had expected, I cannot put the music, the feeling, the drive behind this album in to words that fit its subject.  But, I’m doing my part now in opening the eyes of some folks that visit my blog (oh, and thanks to you all) and I know for a fact I’ve just made a hard-working band some new fans in doing so… And I’m gladly doing so in this case!


LoveSound Rating – 9/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Fractionation’ & ‘Fool’s Gold’

The Seldon Plan –


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