Oh Sweet Sweden…

I believe the first time I heard her was just a couple of weeks ago, on some college station in New Jersey.  I remembered scrolling through the playlist to find out who I was listening to, and there it was – Emma Salmon and her song ‘Let’s Leave This Town Tonight’!  And wouldn’t ya know it, a few days later, her press release and promo show up at my door!

I’ve always been a fan, as you can probably tell, of feel-good music.  This entire album is made for road-trips, soundtracks, and putting in your headphones for a jog.

On her website I read that Emma was one of the finalists in the Swedish Championships of country music… and while her music wouldn’t necessarily fit that category in North America, I can certainly see the comparison.

Now, those of you that follow my blog know that I wouldn’t spend time writing and posting something if it wasn’t worth checking out, buying, and loving, so do yourself a favor and have a listen to some tunes that will put you in a better mood!

Emma Salmon, a name that’s hard to forget, and a name I’m certain you’ll see again…

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Homewrecker’ & ‘Let’s Leave This Town Tonight’

Emma Salmon – http://www.EmmaSalmon.com


2 Responses to “Oh Sweet Sweden…”

  1. Sven Says:

    Emma Salmon (my cousin) recently performed her own acoustic version of Ben E. Kings “Stand by me” at my wedding. Now while bias, it was simply awesome. Would love to hear that on her next album.


  2. Werner Theunissen Says:

    Emma is a great artist and songwriter!

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