Another Theory

For being a ‘blogger’, I’m not very good with words.  I like to share music that I feel needs to be shared.  I like being the one that introduces you to an artist or a band for the first time.  And I get a lot of e-mails every week telling me just that!  Which means the purpose of this blog is successful.  Which leads me to my next point..

Today I’m sharing a band called Field Theory and their new EP ‘Any Day Now‘.  I couldn’t quite place it at first.. it’s on the dark side, it’s rock, it’s unique (which can be a very bad term when used to describe a band’s music, but not in this case).  I can almost hear a Tool influence, but at the same time I can pick up on some much milder rock and even pop influences.  I believe, minus a bit of back up on one track, there is only one voice on this EP, and it’s one of those voices that you’ll hear once, and when you hear them again in 5 years you’ll know exactly who it is.

Again, I don’t have perfect words for these guys, but if you want to find new music today, music that I think you’ll really enjoy, then check out Field Theory (and uh, go to Bandcamp and buy some stuff from them –

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Olma’ & ‘Head and the Open Rhyme’

Field Theory –


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