Soundtrack For… Something… Artsy!

Let me start by posting the text that you find on the back of Syllable Section’s new record ‘The Improvisationals EP’:

“all songs were improvised and used as a template with which all instrumentation was written and composed upon.  original improvisations recorded on May 9th and 10th of 2010 and chosen from over 20 such pieces.  original written overdubs and recording took place between May 18th and October 11th of 2010.  the project sat dormant until April 2011 when all drums, percussion and a few minor additions were made.  the entirety was mixed between May 1st and June 16th of 2011.”

Matthew T. Marquardt made this album in his home in Chicago.  He did everything… He wrote it, recorded it, mixed it, and produced it.  Now, how to get in to the mind of this man…..hmm….

As track 1, ‘Clarity and Hope’ kicks off, I wasn’t sure if I was listening to the first song of the album or just an extended intro.  It really caught me off guard, and I can’t comprehend the creative process that went in to this EP that sounds a bit like Animal Collective on acid.

But here’s the thing… I LOVE IT!!  Love it, love it, love it!!  As it is a common phrase of mine, I repeat, this EP is not for everyone.  If you’re tense, stressed, burdened, worried, or have a heart condition, I would resort to something else.  Everyone else, it’s for you!

It’s like the soundtrack to a movie about a circus….but the movie’s really artsy and well-directed and wins awards at Sundance.

Well done Mr. Marquardt!

LoveSound Rating – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Clarity and Hope’ & ‘Common Things’

Syllable Section –


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