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Manooghi Hi – ‘Silence’

November 11, 2011

I honestly can’t say if I’ve ever had more fun reviewing a submission than I did reviewing Manooghi Hi’s new album ‘Silence‘.

Have you heard of them?

Perhaps not…

Are they the next big thing?

We’ll see, but it’s a possibility…

Most would consider the band ‘World Music’, and others would merely think of them as a ‘Rock’ band.  They call themselves a ‘Hindi-Rock’ band, so I guess everyone is right in this situation.  But, whatever they are, is a blast.

Made up of 7 unique members and lead by Bombay, India-native Mehnaz Hoosein (already famous in her home country), the now Seattle-based Manooghi Hi ‘explores a unique music hybrid and cultural experience’.

This is one record that is worth checking out… It will take you through several stages and emotions, straight from the opening beat of track 1, ‘My Friends’, all the way to the end.

LoveSound Rating – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘My Friends’ & ‘Kismet’

Manooghi Hi –