A Change Of Pace…

I’ll go ahead and let it be known.. this is not a common type of record that I would post about.  Honestly, when I found out that it’s instrumental, sort of ‘jam-band-ish’ almost, I nearly skipped right over it.  I’m glad I didn’t…

I was taken for quite a ride the first time I listened to Andrea Balestra’s album ‘Fine Arts Avenue’!

When I pressed play, I felt like I should be dancing at Beale Street Music Festival or Bonaroo.  Then, when track 2 (Portraits of Isabelle) kicked in, I felt like I should be chillin’ at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.

Fans of instrumental/bluesy/jam bands, you will admire this record.  All others.. well, you will too.  I just can’t really convince you with words, because I wasn’t convinced with words.

Give this beautiful album from Andrea Balestra a chance.  You’ll be glad you did…

LoveSound Rating – 7/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Wishing Well’ & ‘Portraits of Isabelle’

Andrea Balestra – http://www.AndreaBalestra.com


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