What is ‘Panjanatan’?

What is Panjanatan?  ….I don’t rightly know.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this album.. this album being Mark Adams’ Panjanatan.  I found the album intriguing, from the moment it hit my mailbox.

The artwork/casing is very interesting, and before I even inserted the disc in to my computer, I paid a visit to Mr. Adams website, and immediately found him intriguing.

Then came what matters most, the music.  It took about 5 seconds and I was sold.  Bottom line!

I can’t say, or not, if this album is for everyone.. I would like to think so, though.

A lot of repetitive lyrics, which seem to go over well (take Radiohead, for example).  Unique lyrics, melodies, and instrumentation.  But, altogether, just solid music.  I want to use the word ‘artsy’… but that can a naughty word in my opinion.

But what genre is it???

Go check it out for yourself…..


LoveSound Rating – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘Oil On Mars’ & ‘Reptilicus’

Mark Adams – http://www.MarkAdamsUSA.com


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