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Australia Strikes Again (It’s Just Getting Better)

April 12, 2013

ImageAaaaaaaaand, we’re back!!!!!
After 7 months of traveling and pursuing ‘other’ things, LoveSound Magazine is back in business.  And thank you all who have been writing and e-mailing asking when LM will be back, and thank you for all of the responses to the newsletters over the past 7 months.

Anyway, what better way to get back in to the game than a review for Australian singer-songwriter Brett Goldsmith, and his new album ‘Ordinary Life’!

As his bio expresses, Goldsmith’s life is, and has been, anything but ordinary.  What an intro this is:

“Raised in the thick of his father’s nightclub empire, best known for Melbourne institutions Redheads, Seven and the iconic Saratoga, Goldsmith’s jet-set youth was spent playing bass guitar for rock legend James Reyne and touring, producing and playing on Platinum records for his Aunt, Olivia Newton-John & pop sensation Chantoozies.”


Add on the fact that he (in my humble opinion) is also a brilliant photographer.

I don’t have many magic words to say about the record, except that it is a record that needs to be heard, over and over (it was great the first time around, but, the more I listen, the more I love).

One can only hope that Mr. Goldsmith makes his way to the U.S. for some live shows in the near future, as I see this fitting on the west coast, east coast, and midwest alike.  Well done, Brett Goldsmith.  I’m happy to be introduced!


LoveSound Rating – 8/10

Favorite Tracks – ‘100 Miles’ & ‘True Romance’

Brett Goldsmith –