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I’m Black Gold!!!!!

September 18, 2013


‘Declaration Of Dopeness’ indeed!

I think only once over the course of LoveSound’s life have I posted about anything hip-hop related.  I’m generally not the biggest fan… but, the promotional company that sent me this disc from Seattle’s Q Dot (Quincy Henry) insisted that I give this 2-track CD a listen, and I’m glad I did.

The good news for all of our audience in the northwest (and I know that there are a lot of you) is that Q Dot will be making some stops and playing some live shows, coming up very soon.  Here they are:

Sep 20 – Spokane
Oct 3 – Olympia
Oct 4 – Seattle
Oct 13 – Denver
Oct 25 – Lawrence
Nov 2 – Boise
Nov 8 – Bellingham
Nov 21 – Louisville

Check him out, and certainly check out his single, ‘Black Gold’ (love it!).