Agency of Record

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical of what I was to find inside of this jewel case.  I didn’t find the cover very….appealing.  One of those that I nearly disregarded and moved quickly past.  But, I held on to it for about a week, it sat on the corner of my desk, and I kept peering at it, and over time, ya know, I actually kinda started to like the artwork….so, ‘What the hell. I’ll listen.’

Sure, it helped that the disc came from a trusty source..but while listening to it in the background, I wasn’t too thrilled.  About 45 minutes went by with this baby on repeat (only 6 tracks) and I began singing along and anticipating certain parts of songs.

Now, I loooove ‘Disco Disco’!!!
Eric, the band’s guitarist says, “We sound like the bastard child of Radiohead and System of a Down who was then raised by Refused and Nirvana.”  Yeah, okay, I can somewhat agree with that.

I can’t find too much online about these guys, but see what you can dig up, they’re definitely something worth looking in to.  And hell, it’s Tuesday…what else do you have to do???


3 Responses to “Agency of Record”

  1. CLEJ Says:

    There out of Jersey.

    They have a music video out.

    Thier music in on itunes and bandcamp.

  2. Lauren Bell Says:

    Ive seen Agency play a bunch of times. The music’s great and they’re super energetic, really fun guys. They participated in the Battle of the Bands last year and I went to see them play at Webster Hall, still one of my favorite performances by them to date. I plan on continuing to go to their shows for sure. I look forward to seeing whats next for them. You all should check them out too!


  3. Ariel Ceylan Says:

    These guys are totally Indy from the record label, Vicious Productions, to the actual cd. To tell you the truth, I had given up rock music and switched over to classical…but these guys, these guys make me wanna rock out with my **** out.

    Here’s the official video for the song Quirck

    Ariel Ceylan

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